World Philosophy Day 2022: The Value of Symbols in our life (South Korea)

World Philosophy Day

On November 17th at the occasion of the International World Philosophy Day, we held a special workshop about ‘The value of Symbols in our Life’. Since old times, Symbols as well as Philosophy, were and are still a means to connect Man and societies to values and practical wisdom.

In this workshop we talked about various symbols of cultures, of countries, of the nature around us, and of special life occasions. We saw how symbols hold answers and truths about our most essential questions we have in life, as well as the way we can come close to these invisible answers…

As an example we highlighted three symbols from the ancient civilization of Egypt: The Ankh, the Ma’at and the Djed. Through the symbol of Ankh we learned how and where the meaning to life can be found. Through the symbol of Ma’at we learned how to know when an action is a ‘Right action’, and through the symbol of Djed we learned about the source of a stability that exists beyond the ever changing reality.

At the end, each participant tried to describe through a drawing the most important values in his life, and to practically experience a ‘taste’ of the way symbols work.

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