The ‘Child for the Good’ program expands its services to families (Brazil)

Social Volunteering

The Child for the Good Program of New Acropolis is preparing to celebrate its 15th anniversary this year, by expanding its services to the families of about 200 vulnerable children and young people residing in the communities of Varjão, Itapõa and Paranoá in Federal Capital, Brasília.

The children and young people who participate in the program from Monday to Saturday take part in workshops promoting dance, music, reading, sports, school attendance, etc. They also receive medical and dental care provided by the partnership between New Acropolis and the Serapis Institute. The sustainability of all activities is made possible thanks to sponsorships, fairs, donations and projects.

Community Listening 

In the first semester of 2022, with the return of in-person activities, the New Acropolis Program team reactivated monthly meetings with the participants’ parents and guardians. It also resumed its partnership with the Flor da Manhã Clinic, which is applying Community Listening with the families of the Program and in the communities served.

“With the Program, we aim to contribute to human development, solidarity and citizenship training of children and young people. To do this, it is essential to strengthen family ties. Community Listening meetings are an excellent tool for families to share life experiences and knowledge. It creates space for solidarity and responsibility in search for solutions to the challenges they face”, explained Luiza Koshino, Secretary of Social Assistance of New Acropolis.

Strong families

The partnership between New Acropolis and the Federal District Council for the Rights of Children and Adolescents seeks to strengthen family ties and prevent the use of drugs. To this end, it is implementing the Famílias Fortes Program, by the National Ministry of Family. in weekly meetings with guardians and adolescents (10 to 14 years old), in the administrative regions served by Child for the Good.


“Teenagers are a new world. With the participation in “Famílias Fortes” I feel that we are all growing and learning from each other. Everyone can feel the results, it makes a difference in the little things”, commented Miriam Oliveira, mother of Luiza, 10 years old.

“With dialogue and understanding, we resolved issues that were causing disharmony in the home. This project strengthened loyalty among us,” praised Maria Souza, mother of Geovanna Vitória, 11.

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