[Seminar] How should I live my life? Awaken the Philosopher within.. (South Korea, Busan)

Promotion of Philosophy
Together with the ‘Life Share’ Community we spent beautiful moments of conversation and exercises with the aim of awakening the philosopher within us. We learned that in order to find our path in life, we first need to release some stereotypes related to how life should be lived and awaken within us the curiosity, love and interest towards the mystery of Life.
We also learned about a practical path that originates from the philosophy of Socrates in order to strengthen the connection to our inner being. The path consists of three stages:  ‘Contemplation’, ‘Purification’ and ‘Rebirth’. With the help of simple exercises and through sharing our experiences, we ended the seminar with various tools that can help us pave our way in life, from the inside out.

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