How to give meaning to one’s life ? World Philosophy Day (Lausanne, Switzerland)

World Philosophy Day

A conference-workshop with the public has been organized by New Acropolis on the World Philosophy Day on the theme “How to give meaning to one’s life?“.

A first part of the evening saw the participants trying to clarify the terms of this question and providing answers. Many suggestions were made, which in turn generated a lot of questions. A remark made by a participant could crystallize the various opinions heard: one can create one’s destiny, but one does not master it, although one wears it within oneself. Inevitably, the question of how to define fate and mastery was raised… and resolved only partially, raising further questions and attempts at clarification.

The position of classical philosophy was then exposed, as well as its requirement for clarity in the formulation of ideas. Know yourself, the famous injunction of Socrates, enjoins us certainly to discover our unexpressed capacities, but also to consider our own future. We are indeed similar to apple trees, which contain in them all the potentialities of their own future and their future generations.

The exploration of the riches of life, the questioning of one’s habits, the renunciation of one’s survival zone: what’s more beautiful than putting oneself in a risky situation? Dignity, values, righteousness, honor must prevail over comfort, a terrible and dangerous dragon.

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