Night of Philosophy 2022: The Citizen Philosopher engaged in the City (Lausanne, Switzerland)

World Philosophy Day

This year, the theme of “the citizen, the philosopher engaged in the City” was honoured.

How to transform, each of us to take our responsibilities, especially vis-à-vis the collective, and this in a chaotic world in crisis. Self-improvement is done individually, through philosophical practice, and allows the establishment of a more measured, more qualified collective. In the same way, living in a qualified collective, allows each individual to become better, to act in a fairer, more beautiful and better way.

This was the type of reflection raised during the Night of Philosophy 2022 in Lausanne, which was joined by more than 200 participants.

Eight events were proposed:

  • A conference on the theme: The place of spirituality in civic engagement
  • A conference on the theme: Alchemy: a selfish black work
  • A conference on the theme: Changing yourself to change the world
  • A workshop in the form of philosophical Speed-dating
  • A philosophical meeting on the theme of: The education of the citizen in “The Laws” of Plato: setting in motion an ideal thought
  • A workshop on the theme: Between inner transformation and commitment
  • A show with a dance workshop: When the Word becomes flesh – Téhima
  • A show mixing hip-hop dance, improvisation and philosophical slam

This year, with eight partner associations and more than 200 participants, the Night of Philosophy has for the fourth time fulfilled its objectives:

  • Provide the population with spaces for sharing, reflection and discussion on major topical issues.
  • Make thought and philosophical dialogue accessible to everyone.
  • Bringing up to date the daily practice of philosophy, as a tool for knowing ourselves, changing ourselves, aligning our thoughts and our actions.
  • Promote free thought, individual responsibility and civic engagement.
  • Encourage interdisciplinary, intercultural and intergenerational partnerships and collaborations on projects related to change and transition.

Nuit de la Philosophie Website (in french)

Alchemy: a selfish black work
When the Word becomes flesh – Téhima
Hip-hop dance, improvisation and philosophical slam
Night of Philosophy Lausanne 2022

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