Documentary “La Vérité du Sol” – Screening with the director (Brussels, Belgium)

Mother Earth Day

To mark International Earth Day, promoted by the United Nations, NA Bruxelles screened the documentary “La Vérité du Sol”. It was followed by an exchange with director François Legrand. The film presented a different point of view on climate change. It enabled the audience to reclaim their relationship with the earth in a more concrete way.

Through a series of testimonials from various players involved in soil preservation – scientists, ecofeminists, agricultural engineers, market gardeners, trainers, researchers – the documentary explored the complexity of soil life.

The central question posed to each of these soil messengers: what is the truth of soil? It prompted profound reflections on the relationship between man and earth. Each speaker brought his or her own perspective, offering keys to better understanding, protecting and enhancing our soils, these precious natural assets that are all too often neglected.

Organizing this screening was an obvious choice for the volunteers at New Acropolis Brussels. Indeed, the ancient and renaissance philosophies it favors were conceived by people who had an intimate relationship with nature, all recognizing themselves as an integral part of it.

An evening rich in exchange and inspiration.

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