Earth Day Celebration (Chile)

Mother Earth Day

New Acropolis Chile joined the international celebrations in commemoration of Earth Day, dedicating a day of activities at the national level through an online platform. The program allowed participants to get to know part of our past, present and future in relation to volunteering actions. In this context, our national director of volunteering coordination, Professor Fernando Oyarce, gave an interesting presentation with emphasis on the importance of practical work committed to the care of the environment and the need to strengthen our active links with the planet.

Then, the nearly 300 attendees had the opportunity to enjoy an interesting work done by young volunteers from the Concepción branch, who surprised the audience with their presentation entitled “Sounds of Nature”, where in addition to providing valuable information related to this topic, they ended the presentation with a very special art that allowed a moved audience to “listen”, assisted with creative technology, to the music that a plant offers us.

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