One million downloads of our podcasts (Brazil)

Promotion of Philosophy

Launched in January 2018, the Philosophical Podcast channel of New Acropolis Brazil, recently reached one million downloads in several streaming platforms such as iTunes, Spotify and Google Podcasts.

In almost three and a half years of production, 166 programs have been published, with varying formats including interviews, round tables, stories and maxims, but always with a philosophical focus.

The most downloaded podcasts have been: “Plato’s myth of the cave and its relation to today’s world”, with more than 16 thousand downloads; “Ethics: for a complete life”, with more than 13 thousand; and “Seneca: the brevity of life”, with 12,505 unique downloads. In June alone, the number of unique downloads exceeded 60,000.

The episodes are produced in the studio located at the São Francisco Xavier (SP) Center or remotely, by Centers all over Brazil. Each week there is a new topic to inspire listeners to appreciate Philosophy and learn the secrets of the art of living.

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