The Seven Laws of Nature (Bulgaria)

To celebrate the Earth Day 2023 as part of the worldwide campaign “To the Earth”  the New Acropolis Bulgaria held and open lecture with the theme – “The Seven Laws […]

Mother Earth Day (Innsbruck, Austria)

On International Earth Day, there were again plenty of opportunities to connect with nature in Innsbruck. The day started with a group of volunteers cleaning and collecting trash in the […]

Mother Earth Day (Salzburg, Austria)

            On the occasion of the World Mother Earth Day declared by the UN, exciting meetings took place in Salzburg. The event began on Thursday […]

Forest cleaning (Gdansk, Poland)

As part of the International Earth Day 2023 celebrations, volunteers of New Acropolis in Gdańsk cleaned up the Wrzeszcz forest. Volunteers cleaned up 150 kg of waste.    

Earth week (Bratislava, Slovakia)

As part of “Earth Week”, New Acropolis Slovakia organized an ecological creative workshops, an online lecture on “4 elements in nature and in man” and a workshop “How to make […]