Mother Earth Day 2023 (Warsaw)

Within the framework of International Mother Earth Day, volunteers from New Acropolis organized two activities. Cleaning the banks of the Vistula with 175 kg of collected waste. The second activity […]

International Mother Earth Day (Australia)

On April, we celebrated International Mother Earth Day, dedicated to strengthening our connection with Mother Nature. We paid our respect to the land we live on and expressed our gratitude […]

Mother Earth Day Clean Up (Chicago, USA)

On April, Mother Earth Day 2023, New Acropolis organized a clean-up to beautify the public spaces and garden patches on the adjacent corridor to the school. Through rain and snow, […]

Earth Day Celebration 2023 (London, UK)

For the second year running, New Acropolis UK celebrated International Mother Earth Day in London. The day began with a sacred dance around a tree in a local public garden […]

Ecology and Humanism Conference (Belgium)

As a part of World Earth Day promoted by the United Nations, the schools from New Acropolis Belgium jointly organized a conference entitled: Ecology and Humanism: the teachings of the […]

Beautifying Eaton Canyon (USA)

To honor Mother Earth Day, we joined the Eaton Park team to beautify the park. The intention was to make the park more hospitable while respecting the natural environment. Together […]

Earth’s Day (Tel Aviv, Israel)

We met to celebrate Earth’s Day in the city and a day later in the country, Menahamia. We plant a new forest with fruit trees on our land, while we […]

Mother Earth Day (Belgium)

Some activities on this Earth Day to bring ourselves to connects again with earth and the living beings that are in. We cleaned a river, we created shelters for animals […]