Earth week (Bratislava, Slovakia)

Mother Earth Day

As part of “Earth Week”, New Acropolis Slovakia organized an ecological creative workshops, an online lecture on “4 elements in nature and in man” and a workshop “How to make your day more ecological”.

On the ecological workshop participants made a usefull objects from plastics, cardboard, twine.

During the online lecture, the well-known topic our land, was approached from a less-known but interesting point of view. For example,that in the past, the topic of gentle inhabitants of nature like elementals, also called fairies, dwarves, undines, etc., was no stranger to anyone. Or even the fact that, for example, we can find 4 elements in the person himself.

At the workshop “How to make your day more ecological” , the participants talked about what changes we can make throughout the day so that we behave more sustainably towards the environment. Because even small daily changes can turn into a big change over time.


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