Creative Program to celebrate “Mother Earth” (Germany)

Mother Earth Day

Members of New Acropolis Germany took the opportunity of the international “Earth Day” at the end of April to launch a variety of activities that were designed to spark or enhance people´s attention towards our endangered planet.

For example, in Leipzig New Acropolis was invited to the town hall to hold a speech on “Gaia – Is Earth a living being?”

Similar speeches and excursions to explore and appreciate the gifts of nature were also offered in Munich, Stuttgart and Nuremberg.

Volunteers of NA in Nuremberg cleaned up a substantial part of the old town´s moat. The Munich branch of NA Germany managed to induce another 10 events organised by partnering institutions.

Earth Day 2023 Germany


As an emotionally touching element, many of the participants concluded their local event with a round dance to link up amongst themselves and with Mother Earth.


Earth Day Germany




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