Wisdom ot the American Indians on Mother Earth Day (Slovenia)

Mother Earth Day

In the pursuit of technical development, we are constantly trying to reach new heights, like treetops reaching for sunlight. But when we strive to see further than before, we neglect the fact that leaves and new branches cannot grow if the roots are cut.

Celebrating Mother Earth Day can be a reminder of how separate we live from the nature that gives us a place to live. The environmental problems we face can be seen as warning signs to stop the exploitation of our planet. How to find a way to a life that is more in harmony with the rhythm of nature? Perhaps we can learn something from the Indians, the native American population who cultivated a tradition of living in harmony with the wild. To get acquainted with their culture, New Acropolis in Slovenia organized a lecture, which was accompanied by an exhibition of original portraits and a poetry recital from the book Wisdom of the American Indians. The event, which took place on May 24, 2023 was viewed online by over 100 viewers.

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