Trip around the Shcherbakovsky Nature Park (Volgograd, Central Russia)

Mother Earth Day
Volunteers of the New Acropolis Volgograd  went to the Shcherbakovsky Nature Park. This time we helped to prepare the territory of the visitor center for the new season. It was necessary to remove and burn last year’s foliage, move building materials, cut down dry trees and simply put things in order. Shcherbakovsky Park is one of the rare natural attractions in our region, and we were happy to help prepare its territory for the new season. So that more and more residents and guests will be able to learn about it and enjoy the pristine beauty of nature!

The next day we visited Nizhny Dobrinka and got acquainted with the history of the German settlement. Later followed to the “Volga Switzerland” — Shcherbakovskaya beam. Getting there from the steppe expanses familiar to Volgograd residents, you feel like you are on another planet: ravines, subtropical forests, streams and rivers, gophers watching you and the fascinating beauty of nature.

The volunteer actions of the “New Acropolis” are not only about helping nature and people. The philosophical aspect of volunteering is also important. By awakening good will in oneself and acting under its guidance, each person becomes more free and happy. Many thanks to all the organizers and participants of this trip for the joint adventure and discoveries made.

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