Mother Earth Day (Salzburg, Austria)

Mother Earth Day







On the occasion of the World Mother Earth Day declared by the UN, exciting meetings took place in Salzburg.

The event began on Thursday with a special film screening for children: “El Roble – Mi Hogar”. The series of events continued with two short lectures on spring renewal and the connection to nature at Treffpunkt Philosophie – Neue Akropolis Salzburg. Many visitors experienced the spring festival with traditional ribbon dancing and spring music.

In order to experience nature, the hiking instructor Alexander Gerzabek led a group of interested people on the Kapaunberg. All the human senses were used to connect with the trees, the grasses and everything that surrounds us. A group of volunteers from “Treffpunkt Philosophie – Neue Akropolis Salzburg” and “Team Erde” collected rubbish along the Glan river. Broken beer mugs, cigarette butts and much other rubbish were removed from the area around the Glan. As a final touch, a magnolia was planted and watered.

“It’s a happy feeling when we clean up our city together and at the same time give something back to nature!” said one of the volunteers.

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