The International Earth Day (Saint-Petersburg, Russia)

Mother Earth Day
  1. Foresight game The story of the firesThe book “The ABC of protection”Treats for mooseJoint danceTogether is easierPlace for workHooray! We're done itAs part of the International Earth Day in the New Acropolis in St. Petersburg, meetings were held with volunteers of the North-West region of Russia whose efforts are aimed at:
  • preserving the ecosystem (Department of Specially Protected Natural Territories),
  • protecting territories from forest fires (Volunteer Forest Fire Society)
  • helping wild animals (Veles Center for Wild Animals)

Volunteers of these directions generously shared their experiences. Members of the New Acropolis gained an understanding of how to be helpful in these areas. What efforts can be made to be active participants in the process of creation. Also, for our part, we shared a philosophical approach to tarnishing the challenges of the modern world.

The cycle of events ended with the visit of members of the New Acropolis to the “Veles Center for Wild Animals”. We were collecting branches. Moose treat. There were smiles, friendliness, the desire to do better, the desire to be a philosopher!

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