Hiking on Velika planina on Mother Earth Day (Slovenia, Croatia)

Mother Earth Day

To mark this year’s International Mother Earth Day, New Acropolis Slovenia invited Croatian friends in order to celebrate nature’s beauty together. Our destination was Velika Planina, a vast plateau on a Slovenian mountain top, which is renowned for its blooming saffron fields that cover the land in spring. The commemoration was also one of our biggest international events, as we gathered at a surprising number of 100 hikers.

On a tour across the extensive pasture land we witnessed many beautiful sights. Despite uncertain weather predictions, the clouds unfolded and the warm sun shone upon the colorful landscape of purple and green, while it was still partially covered by a blanket of snow. It was an exceptional opportunity for many first time visitors to grasp unimpaired nature in all its glory and a chance to familiarize ourselves with the tradition of our ancestors that have lived there in the past.

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