The five love languages (Guatemala)

During this online talk, the different expressions of love were discussed in depth from a philosophical point of view. The objective was to offer attendees practical tools to have a […]

Siddhartha (Guatemala)

The Reading Club held a series of virtual talks with the aim of reflecting on the content of the book Siddartha by the writer Hermann Hesse. The attendees participated interactively, […]

Trees and seeds donation (Guatemala)

In Aldea San Antonio Las Puertas, Senahú, Alta Verapaz, volunteers from New Acropolis delivered 540 fruit trees of peach, peach, plum and nectarine. The 45 families residing there benefited from […]

Women philosophers of History (Guatemala)

This online talk talked about the lives of three great philosophers in history: Eleanor of Aquitaine, Helena Blavatsky, Simone de Beauvoir, and the legacy they left us. At the end […]

Platonic Love (Guatemala)

This online talk sought to delve into one of the aspects of Plato’s philosophy: platonic love. Participants learned about creating stronger and more lasting relationships that deepen spiritual richness and […]