New Acropolis takes active part in Munich “DAY OF HOPE” (Germany)

Institutional Presence

New Acropolis Munich

Behavioral scientist and UN peace ambassador Dr. Jane Goodall presided a “Day of Hope” for our endangered planet in sunny Munich bringing together roughly a hundred institutions and initiatives in the field of sustainability, nature and climate protection. The purpose was clear: helping to achieve the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the UN Decade 2030.

Dr. Jane Godall herself gave hope to the participants saying she believes that we humans know what needs to be done before the window of opportunity finally closes. Thereby, she specifically underlined the importance of education of children and young people.

Members of New Acropolis Munich contributed to the event with a creative information booth. Visitors could send postcard greetings to planet earth. With these touching words both participating and visiting idealists encouraged each other in their important and honorable endeavour.


NA information booth

Dr. Jane Goodall

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