“Let’s revive Maribor” (Slovenia)

Educational Activities

On March 23rd members of New Acropolis Maribor hosted a tour through the streets of the old town. On a stroll along the border, where the medieval settlement of Maribor once stood, we looked for symbols that have survived throughout history and uncovered the stories behind them.  

Each period left its mark in the present city image. What we found was a collage of beautiful baroque architecture, remains of the defensive wall that surrounded the city in the Middle Ages, we found monuments – some praising war heroes, others mourning the victims of numerous battles – and sacred buildings of various religious traditions. They all depict the lives of the former city dwellers and express the ideas that had an influence on them. 

To an unaware passer-by, they may be just another brick in the wall. But to a watchful eye, each brick is like a word in a novel, that attests to the existence of our roots. Putting the bits of the past together brought us closer to understanding the origin of this place that we call home. 

In connection with the awakening of spring, we named the event “Let’s revive Maribor”. But our goal was for Maribor to become alive within us. Because it is only when we know the history of the city that we can connect with it, recognize its value and be thankful for the good circumstances that enable us to live well in it. And it is only then that we become consciously and actively involved in wanting to build its best possible future. 


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