Workshops on World Philosophy Day (Slovenia)

World Philosophy Day

Each year on the World Philosophy day, we remember how important it is to pursue wisdom in order to live better.  

On this year’s occasion, members of New Acropolis Slovenia also contributed to the cause by arranging a couple of public workshops.  

The first one addressed our human values, upon which we make everyday choices, in order to achieve certain goals. But in doing so, do we really consider, if our intentions are truly good, or what influence will it have on life that surrounds us? At the end of the lecture the audience was invited to share and discuss common views.   


The second one, titled »We own reason. What should we do with it? « prompted the attendants to explore numerous thought processes that are continuously happening in the back of our mind and guide (or misguide) our behavior. Flowering past civilizations already saw human intellect as a powerful tool and the need to use it responsibly, so we familiarized ourselves with various methods that different philosophical schools developed, in order to tame it. 



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