Visiting Mithraeums of ancient Poetovio (Slovenia)

Educational Activities

New Acropolis in Slovenia organized a trip to Ptuj, roman Poetovio, where we visited the remains of Mithraeums – temples, dedicated to god Mithra. 

We spent a day exploring the remains of semi-underground temples, discovered by the end of the 19th and 20th century.  

The symbols, represented on well preserved relics, uncovered religious values of Mithraism. Getting in touch with the misterious rituals was fascinating and offered us a better insight into life of our ancestors. 

We continued our journey to the past and walked through the city centre. Old streets and monuments, vividly painted in stories and myths, took us all the way to Ancient Rome, an era when Ptuj – Poetovio – trurly flourished. We were grateful to witness the spirit of a great civilisation, that is deeply woven into remains, found in this small city. 


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