View from above (Maribor, Slovenia)

Cultural Activities

Keepeng up with a tight schedule while completing daily tasks is often accopanied by an imminent feeling of running short of time. Instead of toiling away in pursuit of the future, we should embrace time, as it brings us trials, (un)fortunate twists and occasionaly new ties. 

Time also brought us another anyversary of establishment of New Acropolis in Maribor. We celebrated 13 years of our activity by arranging a hike on our local acropolis 

Our group arrived to the top of Maribor Pohorje at Moonrise, when a beutiful nocturnal scenery of our city, illuminated by numerous warm lights, unveiled in the valley .  

The view was truly inspiring and it gifted us a unique moment to contemplate on how life seems from a higher perspective. If wisdom is what we seek, we have to climb a bit higher to reach a viewpoint, from where our daily anguish seems unnecessary and every coincidence fits right in place of the bigger picture. 


As time brings us joy, we would like to grab and hold it still but it always finds a way, to slip between our fingers. When we reflect on our past, we realise that those moments were unique. So let us hold on to feeling as it teaches us to pay closer attention to what is happening right in front of us. 




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