Mythology and Astrology workshop (Panama)

After four months of online classes, an in-person activity on Mythology and Astrology was held. We talked about mythology and astrology as applied to daily life, and how they have […]

Recycling workshop for beginners (Panama)

To commemorate Earth Day, a recycling workshop for beginners was held. The different classifications and ways of recycling that can be done at home in a simple way were shown. […]

Egypt Expo (Panama)

Exhibition on timeless Egypt featuring: reading of Hieroglyphics, ‘living’ statues, symbolism, non-permanent tattoos, prominent figures of Egyptian culture and society, etc.    

Talk: How to manage distress? (Panama)

We ended the series of practical talks, discussing tools to face one of the most common factors that affects today’s society: anxiety. Many of us know anxiety as stress, and […]

How to overcome problems? (Panama)

Talks with the objective of giving practical tools for one of the most common situations we face in life: problems. We had a practical reflection starting by establishing that all […]

Talk on Japanese Mythology (Panama)

Talk on Japanese mythology, getting to know this culture and its mystical vision of life. We talked about the most relevant mythological characters including Izanagi, Izanami, Amaterasu and some of […]

The importance of failure (Panama)

Series of practical and useful talks for daily life problems. Failure is a topic that is not very accepted in our daily lives, so much so that we can be […]

The Samurai Code (Panama)

New Acropolis Panama dedicated the month of August to Japanese culture. The Samurai Code and its roots of honor, safeguarding the sacred in the temples.           […]

Adoption of puppies (Panama)

We supported the four-legged friends club in a day of adoption of puppies and kittens rescued from the streets. In addition to caring and giving love to the animals, we […]