World Philosophy Day (Zagreb, Croatia)

World Philosophy Day

New Acropolis in Zagreb organized several lectures on the occasion of World Philosophy Day to emphasize the importance of philosophy in everyday life.
The first lecture was entitled The Power of Myth – The Return of the Hero, and through it the importance of myth as the one that conveys the experiences of the past is highlighted. A myth is an expression of man’s permanent need to search for a higher meaning and to open up better possibilities.





The topic of the next lecture was Carl Gustav Jung – The Reality of Symbols. The visitors were presented with Jung’s teachings related to consciousness and the unconscious part of man. Mediators between these two realities are symbols that have immediate importance in awareness and liberation from the unconscious on the way to a person’s inner growth and self-knowledge.





The commemoration of the World Philosophy Days was rounded off by Viktor Frankl’s lecture, In Search of Meaning. Human been discovers his meaning through everyday life, and conscience is the one that guides him. Meaning is found in the noological, spiritual, dimension and that is why every person can search for it and find it.

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