Poetry as a path to self-knowledge (Braga, Portugal)

Artistic Activities

In the Beautiful Garden of the Nogueira da Silva Museum, the Calliope group of New Acropolis Braga carried out a poetic activity related to self-knowledge.

Plato stated that “true philosophy is in the soul of the poet” and this inspired them to unite the beauty of nature, the wisdom of philosophy and poetry, in a moment of Poetry in the Garden.

It was an activity with movement, both external and internal, as the group took their listeners with them on a walk through the 3 levels of the Garden, connecting with each of the dimensions of the human being, inspired by the idea of Plato’s 3 Worlds. The poems recited undoubtedly led to an inner journey of introspection and personal reflection.

It was a beautiful and inspiring afternoon for all who spent that day in the Gardens of the Nogueira da Silva Museum.


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