Theatre: “Nature Speaks” (Guatemala, Guatemala)

Every year, Earth Day is commemorated worldwide. Various institutions carry out awareness-raising activities, such as events, talks or walks, around the theme of the importance of caring for natural resources. […]

Recycling workshop (Guatemala, Guatemala)

In our recycling workshops we learned how to classify waste, we learned the meaning and importance of the 3Rs (Reduce, Recycle and Reuse) and above all we understood that this […]

Pilgrimage (Portugal)

Towards the end of April, members of New Acropolis Portugal took part in their traditional Peregrinatio, now in its fifth year. Over four days, they walked to different places with […]

We climbed Pacaya Volcano! (Guatemala, Guatemala)

Together with friends and volunteers of New Acropolis zone 1 we climbed the Pacaya Volcano! Besides being physically active, we observed beautiful landscapes and shared our experiences with one another. […]