International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women: presentation of the book “Violence against women” (Verona, Italy)

Educational Activities

On the occasion of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, New Acropolis Verona organized an initiative entitled “The visible and the invisible. The importance of education.”

Pedagogist, social worker and New Acropolis volunteer Domenico Grillo presented his new book “Violence against Women. Educating men to non-violence against women. Is it necessary and possible?”, accompanied by professor and volunteer Stefania Giusi Italia. The aim of the presentation was to inform, make people reflect and dialogue with the audience of women and men on what violence means, what its forms are and why it is so deeply rooted in our society.

The book and its author want to propose a solution to ‘prevent’ instead of ‘cure’: education. Education as a way to form aware men and women who do not resort to violence. There is a solution, and the first step to get out of this is to become aware of suffering or acting with violence. Educate as a proposal to offer the opportunity to know oneself and the world around us, just as Philosophy, the driving force and founding principle of New Acropolis, does, inviting us to fight against faults and ignorance in order to live the highest values of being human.

World Philosophy Day was realized in collaboration with Association Le Fate Onlus and the Municipality of Verona.

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