World Cleanup Day 2023 (Montpellier, France)

Ecological Volunteering

On the occasion of World Cleanup Day, a group of volunteers fearlessly braved the predicted storm.

Even before going into action, as we left despite the unfavorable weather, we could really feel what a philosopher is. A philosopher, whatever happens outside, will do everything in his power to live according to his values.

And it didn’t rain when we faced all the cigarette butts and capsules on the Paseo del Peyrou!

What a joy to join in the service of the Earth and give it back all its splendor!

Congratulations to all participants:

2000 cigarette butts collected

30 liters of recyclable materials

20 liters of general waste


Today, when we see the extent of the damage being done to the planet, we may legitimately ask ourselves if it is really worth acting.

During the collection, we looked at a quote from Confucius that might help us answer this question.

When it is obvious that your goal is unattainable, don’t change your goal, change the way you reach it.”


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