Philosophy Week in an environment of innovation and entrepreneurship (Florianópolis, South Brazil)

World Philosophy Day

In honor of Philosophy Week, New Acropolis Florianópolis launched a series of lectures at the Impact Hub, located in a Center that fosters innovation and entrepreneurship in the capital of Santa Catarina – ACATE Primavera.

With the proposal to make Philosophy accessible to those who live or work in neighborhoods farther from the city center, the initiative began with a beautiful lecture on the important theme of Authenticity, so reflected and discussed by philosophers of all times and of the most diverse traditions.

Entitled “Discovering the power of authenticity to forge your own destiny”, the lecture, given by Professor Gilberto Sulzbach, shed light on the subject, highlighting the importance not only of self-knowledge, which will guarantee a starting point in the search for authenticity, but also of the courage to develop the arduous task of being who you are and living according to your own values in contemporary times.
“A plant blooms because it is in its nature to bloom, that’s what it came into the world for. And it is also beautiful because it fulfills its purpose. The wind doesn’t ask permission to blow either. Perhaps we need to be more of a flower or more of a wind, and not ask permission to be who we are,” said the professor during his speech.

In parallel to this program at Acate Primavera, Philosophy Week also takes place at the New Acropolis Florianópolis Center as well as all the other Centers of the Organization present on the five continents.

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