Gates of Courage – Winter Reading Club (Australia)

Cultural Activities
In our second reading club session, we read a few passages from “Philosophy for Living” by Delia Steinberg Guzman. It sparked an exciting and inspiring discussion as we delved into the concepts of fear and courage. We explored why we experience fear, how to overcome it, and how to cultivate courage. Additionally, we discussed anger and ignorance as expressions of fear.
“Courage brings the true heart, the true human soul, into play. Courage is the strength to see things as they are, to moderate our emotions, to listen, to interpret ideas, to choose what is best, to discard what is useless, to act with justice.”
Delia Steinberg Guzman
This session was an excellent opportunity to connect through our shared life experiences and the various emerging ideas. It offered a rich environment for personal growth and reflection.

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