Volunteering at a Food Pantry (Chicago, USA)

The constant barrage of negative news items can make us feel helpless in the face of an incomprehensible world. Instead of closing ourselves more within the walls of “social” media, […]

Lecture about Pythagoras (Varaždin, Croatia)

At the lecture, visitors could learn about Pythagorean philosophical thought, which has been woven into the cultural achievements of European nations since its very beginning until today. The Pythagorean basic […]

World Philosophy Day (Pasadena, USA)

New Acropolis center in Pasadena assembled to commemorate a pre-Thanksgiving celebration intertwined with the spirit of Philosophy Day. Our gathering constituted a harmonious fusion of gratitude and animated philosophical discourse. […]

World Philosophy Day (Athens, Thessaloniki, Greece)

On the occasion of World Philosophy Day, the Athens and Thessaloniki branches organized events under the theme “The Wheel of Philosophers” and held presentations with the title “Philosophy in Practice”, […]

World Philosophy Day (Warsaw, Poland)

Volunteers in Warsaw organized a week-long workshop on “7 Principles of Stoicism” to promote Philosophy in Action. Participants had the opportunity to learn the difference between fantasy and imagination, had […]

The Warrior in You (Sofia, Bulgaria)

As part of a series of public lectures dedicated to popular current themes, New Acropolis Sofia held an event called “The Warrior in You”. The main discussion was around “The […]