The Myth of Theseus and our Emotions. Buenos Aires (Argentina)

Cultural Activities
A lecture entitled “Theseus and the Minotaur: Mastering our Passions” by Professor Alfonso Suriano was held at the New Acropolis Headquarters in Amenábar Street, Buenos Aires. Prof. Suriano began with the concept of the myth, explaining that it belongs to a para-rational reality, which can be interpreted through symbolism. In this way the meaning is transformed into a daily reality.

Each of the characters and elements in the myth have their meaning within ourselves. Theseus is the hero, the divine and virtuous aspect that makes us human beings; the Minotaur is the beast, our animal self, our passions, emotions and fears. The labyrinth represents our psyche, our evolution; the thread is the tool that can lead us to the solution of the problem, to reach the centre and stop going around in circles, when we are lost. The axe (labrys) is double-edged, it cuts the material and emotional aspects at the same time. It symbolises Wisdom.

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