‘The Art of Inner Renaissance’ in support Art Festival (Timisoara, Romania)

Cultural Activities

IMG_2700Together with other lovers of art and culture, the Cultural Association New Acropolis provided the public in Timișoara the opportunity of spending  a valuable time in an enjoyable manner. Monica Varga presented a lecture entitled The Art of Inner Renaissance during which she presented methods through which every man can approach life and its challenges with a constantly renewed vision. This idea was transmitted to ancient Greeks in the sacred centres of wisdom through a myth that speaks of a mysterious bird which after fulfilling her destiny, bursts into flames, until a new bird comes to life from the ashes of the missing one and so the cycle of life continues.

New Acropolis volunteers also organized a painting workshop using archaeological reproductions from different civilisations and a puppet show for children inspired from the famous journey of Dorothy and her friends to the country of the Wizard of Oz.

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