The exhibition ‘Labyrinth. Dragon. Unicorn. What is the message of symbols?’ meets its visitor number 2000 (Moscow, Russia)

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Labyrinth. Dragon. Unicorn. Exhibition.
Great success of the exhibition entitled ‘Labyrinth. Dragon. Unicorn. What is the message of symbols?’, organized by New Acropolis Russia in Moscow and that met its visitor number 2000 at one of its workshops open to the public.

The images of the symbols are displayed in huge stands and… Beware! the descriptions at the bottom of each image not only reveal the meanings, but they make you think. Everything is very simple – a bridge, a sword, a river…

The exhibited objects form part of an integrative context, and guided tours have been organized to help understand the interconnections. In addition, at the end of the exhibition there is a symbolic roulette of divination. Of course, it’s a game…

Jokes aside, in Greek, the word ‘symbol’ means ‘linking the divided parts’. Since the beginning of time, people surrounded themselves with symbols that helped them understand themselves, society and the world. People resorted to the language of symbols when there were not enough words to express what is essential, in order to unite the past, the present and the future, the visible and the invisible, etc. This exhibition reminds us of the importance and relevance of the universal symbols of humanity.

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