Congress ‘Philosophy and Youth’ (Málaga, Spain)

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On the occasion of World Philosophy Day, New Acropolis Málaga in collaboration with Network of Universal Ethics, the Sphinx Magazine, the Association of Young Journalists of Málaga under the auspices of Unesco Málaga Pro Dialogo, held the Congress Philosophy and Youth.

The program focused on the role of youth as a generator of change, and presentations included:

Google and the Myth of the Platonic Cave in charge of Juan Carlos del Rio, having expertise in mathematical sciences and history. Professionally he has worked in the Internet domain since 1991. He is also the International Director of the Area of Internet within the International Organization New Acropolis, with sites in 49 countries and 24 languages.

P1020967Philosophy and the Socratic Spirit, by Jesús Gonzalo, Doctor of Social Anthropology at the UNED, with a degree in English Philology from the University of Zaragoza, and a degree in  Philosophy and  Educational Sciences from the UNED in Madrid. Director in Benalmádena of the ‘ Organization Peace is Possible’ .  

P1020959Philosophy of Volunteerism, by Angelina Molina. With a degree in Civil Protection and Emergencies, and serving as National President of the Volunteering Association GEA, she has directed and participated in several national and international volunteer programs.

P1020976Who said we can’t change the world?
The theme pertaining to the role of youth was touched upon by Miguel Ángel Padilla, President and Founding Member since 2009 of the Network of Universal Ethics,  Vice President of Culture of UNESCO- Asoc. Prodiálogo of Málaga, Director of the Philosophy Socratic Circle for youths of the International Organization New Acropolis. P1020977

Round table debate: Philosophy for What? To think or be thought?, moderated by Javier Pino Pedraza, Director of the local daily newspaper ‘El Globo de Málaga’, President of the Association of Journalism and Research of Málaga.

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