In collaboration with other associations, New Acropolis Cadiz hosted a series of activities on “Honey and Bees” (Spain)

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In the hall of New Acropolis Cadiz, friends of bees were invited to a series of activities organized by Hygea New Medicine Association.
MIEL 1WThe workshop counted with the collaboration of other associations and its main objective was to increase awareness of the importance of these lovers of flowers for our environment and our own existence.

Dr. Rosario del Castillo, a member of Hygea New Medicine, gave an informative talk entitled ‘Home remedies with honey’.



MIEL 5WThe Gastronomic Group El Almirez shared with attendees several recipes where honey was the star ingredient, which had as culmination a delicious tasting.

A few days later, participants visited the Patiño Bee Farm, located in El Colorado (Conil de la Frontera).

Finally a talk-colloquium was given by David Moreno and Mila Pulido, responsible for the environment section of the GEA group of volunteer work, entitled ‘The importance of bees for life’.



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