New Acropolis celebrates 50 years in Chile!

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VOLUNTARIOS CELEBRAN EN SANTIAGO DE CHILE EL ANIVERSARIO NÚMERO 50 DE NUEVA ACRÓPOLIS EN EL PAÍSIn March of 1965, eight years after the foundation of New Acropolis, the institution opened its doors in Chile, specifically in the city of Santiago, and to date has been present in the main cities of the country, bringing together volunteers who have managed to sustain and make grow this initiative bringing together and promoting  Culture, Philosophy and Volunteering.

At present there are 16 cities, from Arica to Puerto Montt which offer a space for Philosophy as a foundation for an active community life. At 50 years of age, the institution values its participation as a consultative body of the OAS, Organization of American States, in the fields of Culture and Education; its role in the Network of Humanitarian Aid, RAHCh; the accreditation before the United Nations of some of its volunteers for the use and dissemination of the ‘Sphere Project Handbook’, involving protocol and indications for humanitarian aid.




The celebration honored many achievements that are of direct benefit to the country, and representing a meaningful contribution to the training of volunteers with a strong social commitment based on the values that involve Philosophy in terms of reflection and practice of the human will in the service of others.

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