New Acropolis cleans the Ban Ganga (Mumbai, India)

Ecological Volunteering

Clean Ban Ganga was organised by New Acropolis (Mumbai) for the third time. Volunteers got together on a sunny morning to help maintain the cleanliness and sanctity of this ancient water tank nestled in a temple complex at Walkeshwar.

As the legend goes, the fresh water spring that feeds this tank dates back to when Laxman, at Sita’s request, shot an arrow (Ban) to create a spring from the river Ganga. Hence the name, Ban Ganga. Considered to be one of the holiest places in the city, many Hindu rituals are regularly performed here.

The activity began with a brief orientation to the value of volunteering along with an introduction to the history and mythology of the place. Volunteers not only cleaned up the place but also created ripples of awareness among the public who were curious to understand why people had gathered to clean up a mess made by others. On hearing the volunteers speak of the concept of service, several of them even joined the clean-up initiative. This, perhaps was the biggest achievement of the day!

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