New Acropolis participated in the 20th International Book Fair of Lima (Peru)

Book Fairs
Feria del Libro en Lima, Perú
Visita del público a nuestro stand en la 20ª Feria Internacional del Libro de Lima

The New Acropolis Peru Publishing House was present at this important event, which attracted more than 500 thousand Peruvians interested in culture.

The ‘International Book Fair of Lima’ (FIL), organized by the Peruvian Chamber of Books, brings together every year Peruvian, latin american, and international writers, booksellers, publishers, and distributors. This year, the fair included 155 informational booths and more than 630 cultural activities on a renovated fairground.

Libros y Libritos Editorial Nueva Acrópolis
Libros y libritos de bolsillo de la Editorial N.A. exhibidos durante la Feria.

Participants could find at our booth more than 70 pocket book titles and books published by New Acropolis, featuring themes pertaining to philosophy, science, art, history, and human development.

In this way, New Acropolis disseminated culture and philosophy for living among thousands of people.

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