Visit to the school for hard of hearing children (Bucharest, Romania)

Social Volunteering

Actiune socio-umanitara

New Acropolis volunteers paid another visit to the School for hard of hearing children in Bucharest.
They presented a theatrical adaptation of the myth of Theseus and Ariadne using, to help overcome communication barriers,  particularly suggestive and dynamic decorations and styles of acting, especially in presenting the labyrinth fight between our hero and the Minotaur.

To maintain the spirit of the story, after the play the children were engaged in activities with various types of labyrinths, which were quickly solved with the help of the participants’ inherent abilities and imagination.

The children in turn taught volunteers how to use sign language to communicate their names. At the end of the encounter the children received candy and fruits and the volunteers left with very enriching experiences!




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