World Book Day, celebrated at the Saint Nicholas Juvenile Center (Timisoara, Romania)

Cultural Volunteering

World Book Day celebrated at the City Hall Teenage CentreOn the occasion of World Book Day, commemorated by UNESCO , a group of New Acropolis volunteers spent an afternoon with the teenagers from the Saint Nicholas Juvenile Center in Timisoara.

Volunteers prepared some activities to help bring children closer to the rich and beautiful world of books, which included the performance of two plays: one inspired from a Chinese fairy tale, Bag of Wonders, and the other from Arabic culture, Aladdin and the Magic Lamp.

Using an interactive game, the older teens embarked on an adventure to find treasures hidden among the pages of the novel The Hobbit by JRR Tolkien. It was indeed a unique experience to hear children speak about the friendships they had formed at the Center and reveal some of the dreams they have for when they grow up.

The children also received school supplies and fruits, and more books for the library that was built for them the previous year.

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