Day of Philosophy and Volunteering at the Botanical Garden on World Philosophy Day (Santa Cruz, Bolivia)

World Philosophy Day

As closing to the cycle of activities in tribute to World Philosophy Day, partners and friends of New Acropolis, together with volunteers of the city, gathered at the municipal botanical garden of Santa Cruz, to share a day of Philosophy and Volunteering.

Participants attended talks about the importance of volunteering and the preservation of the environment, and walked through the beautiful landscapes of the botanical garden, philosophizing in the ‘peripatetic’ style, walking and discussing themes such as education, excellence, knowledge, etc.

In the afternoon, three groups of volunteers carried out activities in the garden; one group gardened, pruning and cleaning up the hedges of the park; a second group provided educational activities, inviting visitors to respect nature and the different facilities of the garden; and a third group was in charge of a garden clean-up.








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