Tips for summer health: Open talk (Almeria, Spain)

Educational Activities
Theory of the Five Elements

The talk given by Dr. Isabel Alzina aimed above all to clarify some aspects about what is health and how to maintain it. She emphasized that health is not exactly a state that has to be maintained, rather it is something dynamic, it is a process that is subject to the law of cyclicity. It is a succession of changes to which we have to know how to adapt, in order to regain health over and over again.

As a response to bad habits such as sedentarism and the poor nutritional qualities of our diet, Dr. Alzina recommended consistent moderate activity, a balanced diet involving reducing or avoiding some items and enhancing others.

She encouraged participants to counteract the habits that intoxicate the body with those that detoxify it, to protect the liver – an important organ in this detoxifying function, and to strengthen our protective systems.

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