Record attendance at the third Long Night Of Philosophy (Austria)

World Philosophy Day

With more than 2,000 visitors, this year’s LONG NIGHT on the occasion of the UNESCO World Day of Philosophy attracted a record attendance.

56 events in eight Austrian cities kept awaken till late in the night. They delighted with their diversity and provided space for classical philosophical topics as well as for new, creative approaches.

Particularly moving were the keynote given by the former mayor of Graz Alfred Stingl and the video message of the German neuroscientist Gerald Hüther on Human Dignity. In Dornbirn, the well-known Austrian filmmaker Kurt Langbein presented his new film «Time for Utopias» and encouraged to try out alternatives; and in Salzburg the music and cabaret group “Querschläger”.  The philosophy can also be young, critical and courageous was demonstrated by the Open Mic Sessions under the title “Free Spaces” in the Innsbruck Bakery.

As colorful as the formats, so varied were the visitors, who proved once again that philosophy knows no age, culture or subject boundaries. “In a time of orientation- and meaning search, philosophy offers answers and solutions to think and shape our world a new and better,” explains Hannes Weinelt, chairman of New Acropolis Austria the intention of the Long Night, in line with UNESCO Secretary General Audrey Azouley, who calls philosophy a bastion against the narrowing of our thinking.

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