Textile Upcycling Workshop (London, United Kingdom)

Educational Activities

On a sunny Saturday morning, a group of people from different backgrounds came together to learn about “upcycling”, the art of transforming old or waste materials into something new, adding value to the original pieces through creativity and design.

Barley Massey, a specialist in the field, gave an informative talk in the morning showing how we can develop creative solutions to wasteful living by turning old clothing into something new and beautiful.

This was followed by a hands-on workshop where participants worked on items of old clothing they had brought along and learnt how to give them new life – such as making a handbag out of a man’s shirt!

Upcycling could become a responsible solution for the future of our economy and the well-being of our planet, as well as a way of rediscovering practical skills such as sewing and the joys of community participation.

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