“The Walls that Heal” (Moscow, Russia)

Social Volunteering

“Is it possible to change the world in two days? – Of course not! There’s not enough time!” – they said… I mean the world beyond the admissions department of the Pediatric Psychoneurology Science Center. The question again. Finally, -“Let’s do it!”, said the volunteers.

During two intense days, New Acropolis Moscow organized a meeting of volunteers named “The Walls that Heal”.
For two days from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., nearly a hundred volunteers worked together on this project: an activity that brought together parents, children and even grandchildren. There were people who came especially from other towns and cities in Russia. All the groups of participating children were housed at the New Acropolis Camelot Center. During breaks, there was time for games and competitions, as well as songs and storytelling.

The result was inspiring… Well, it doesn’t take much to change the world by acting together…  at least in a small part of it!

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