Visit to the Barolo Palace, a living book (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Educational Activities
Terrace on the 6th floor, where you can see the mixture of architectural styles

An organized visit to the Barolo Palace, one of the iconic buildings of Avenida de Mayo. This building built at the beginning of the twentieth century, is an architectural symbol of the masterpiece of Dante Alighieri, “The Divine Comedy”.

During the tour attendants enjoyed the wonderful symbolism of this construction, which in its ascent describes the path of the soul from Hell to Heaven. The building culminates in a lighthouse, from where they could appreciate the wonderful view of the city of Buenos Aires.

The visit ended in the small museum that houses the history of this impressive construction, ending an extraordinary day that brought participants closer to the history of the city and to universal literature.






View of the city of Buenos Aires from the 20th floor. In the background the Congress of the Argentine Nation

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