“Better Together Challenge 2019” (South Korea)

New Acropolis, together with 30 global organizations, 60 Korean organizations and around 500 participants from around the world, participated in a 3 days event in the city of PyeongChang.  ‘Better Together Challenge’ is a 3-day global gathering that brings together social innovators, changemakers and idealists in action from around the world for an inspiring exchange of ideas and celebration of being #BetterTogether.
As the representative of New Acropolis International NGO, the director of New Acropolis India, presented the way that Philosophy brings change. A change that starts in the individual level, in the way each one of us experiences life, that leads to a change in the collective level, in the way we live together.
This message reminds us of a similar universal messages of great philosophers, like the words of Confucius:  “Every improvement of society starts with the improvement of the Individual”.


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