Helping Animal Care Center (Moscu, Russia)


A group of volunteers from NA Moscow on a regular basis go to animal caring center ‘New Ark’. The centre takes care of stray animals until they find a new owner. These one, mostly dogs and cats, are kept in aviaries and need grafting, sterilization, healing, feeding and interacting with people. The shelter is organised by volunteers as well and needs extra help right along.

This time the team managed to prepare one of the dog aviaries for winter, fix the net between the aviaries, take the dogs for a walk, adapt new ones, especially puppies, to ‘social’ life in the community and accustom them to wearing a lead.

And there is no need to mention how fun and happy was that time togethere both for people and pets.

Бонус: заряд отличного настроения!

Бонус: заряд отличного настроения!

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